Connectors & Cables

Connectors & Cables

From sensor via connector and cable - even the contact solution directly by us!

Expanding to an extensive range of instruments, Marktechnical offers you a corresponding contact solution from the connector to the appropriate sensor cable completely as a new service, matched to the respective application and sensor equipment.  For a selection of precisely fitting connection technique to the sensors in your system, a wide range of different connectors is available. We offer one sided pre-assembled sensor cables with MB- and A-coded Ml 2 connectors with open cable ends made of PVC and non-halogen PUR. These are available with cable lengths of2m,5m and 10m. Altematively, custom requests can be serviced by field-attachable connectors, with screw connection, A-coded and shielded, as M12 round as well as valve connectors construction type: DIN 43650 A.

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