Electromechanical Level Measuring System

Electromechanical Level Measuring System

EE122 Electromechanical Level Measuring System includes EE102 Sounding Level Transmitter and EE020 level measurement.

In the EE102 transmitter, there is a sensing lever that is controlled by sensing pulley and measuring cable.


  • Controlled by microprocessor, it has multifunction and easy to realize.
  • It can be set up two alarms for high and low. The output contact is 3A/250V SPDT.
  • LED display can indicate the level position or percentage of the material in the container. The upper display indicates percentage value; ton/ meter. The lower display is to show the height of the material level in the container; meter/inch/feet.
  • One set 4~20mA analog output.
  • Cable broken alarm: If steel cable broken, transducer will drive motor stop running and indicates on controller.
  • Cover alarm: If sensing weight and steel cable being covered by incoming material, control panel will indicate it automatically.
  • Manual Start mode or Automatic Timer Start mode.
  • LED display value can be set to show the real storage or remaining capacity of the tank.
  • The sensing weight will be pulled back at the preset zero point (tank bottom), to avoid sensing weight slide into tank outlet and cause equipment damage.
  • Upper display could be used to display different units proportionally. (Such as Ton/Liter/Height, etc...)

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