Marktechnical Sensors & Controls founded in 1983 is a leading global supplier of sensors for industry and maritime applications. Our success is based on constant innovation, lasting quality and close cooperation with our suppliers. Due to our experience in various branches of industry, we have built up the knowledge to implement a wide variety of latest sensor technologies. With an enthusiastic team of professionals, we operate from our offices in the Netherlands and Belgium with the aim of achieving reliable measurement solutions for our customers. Permanent renewal in a rapidly evolving market, technical customer insight, short lines, renewed stock concepts and relationship-driven drive, which Marktechnical has derived from its excellent name.


  • Wide range of instruments and spare parts on stock
  • Fast delivery times 24/7
  • Field service
  • Experience team of professionals
  • Close cooperation with our customers
  • Well equiped workshop and test possibilities
  • Comprehensive list of brands
  • Personal and customized advice
  • ISO9001 certified

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We are Marktechnical

Marktechnical B.V. an advanced trading company which delivers high quality measuring and control instruments for industrial and shipbuilding applications. Do you need to control or measure pressure, temperature, level, force, angle, flow, humidity, time or do you need a specific custom-made product; we have the solution!