H-Tronic Water Level Switch WPS4000

In technical systems and in basements, major damage repeatedly occurs due to the uncontrolled ingress of water, which cannot be reacted to quickly enough. And also in fountains or tanks it is necessary to monitor the liquid level permanently. The water level switch provides the solution here - when water penetrates or when the pre-specified level is reached, a relay is activated and warning devices, pumps, valves or solenoid valves are automatically switched on or off. Suitable for tanks made of concrete, plastic or metal and quickly installed

  • Switching point at each water level freely selectable via two water sensors
  • Nap time adjustable
  • The measuring electrodes are resistant to chlorine and salt water (stainless steel AISI 316 / V4A)
  • Switching point freely selectable
  • For all tanks made of concrete, plastic or metal
  • Switching output configurable as break contact / make contact
  • Excl. water sensors
  • Power supply 230 V AC