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Since 1983, Marktechnical has been supplying measurement and control instruments for monitoring and controlling industrial and maritime applications. For us, quality is a concept that is much more than the product alone. All our processes are designed with a view to customer service and product quality. The program includes: pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, manometers, SF6 sensors, thermostats, temperature sensors, diesel thermometers, flow meters, flow switches, fuel consumption meters, ultrasonic flow meters, moisture meters, digital readouts, Explosion-proof instrumentation and linear-rotary servo motors.

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Product update: NAI 8273 IO-Link pressure transmitter and switch

Designed as a smart sensor, the NAI 8273 IO-Link pressure transmitter provides application-relevant information in addition to process data.

The process data includes the pressure value and media temperature, which is measured directly at the exceptionally long-term stable thin-film-on-steel pressure sensor cell. The small sensor size combined with the media pressure and temperature values make the NAI 8273 the ideal choice in a variety of applications.

To use the conventional switching outputs, the polarity is NPN and PNP configurable.

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