H-TRONIC’s product range is complemented by quality products for measuring, controlling, regulating and all forms of power supply.

Due to the focus on the needs of the market, a number of successful developments and products have emerged during the years. These are used or distributed by well-known manufacturers, distributors and mail-order houses. Test our know-how – you will find: H-TRONIC offers quality devices at really interesting prices.

Our guidelines

The fulfilment of customer needs is the focus of our business. We want to recognize, meet and even exceed these individual needs in order to secure long-term and partnership-based customer relationships. However, our biggest assets are our employees, as every motivated employee will think and identify himself with the company. As a medium-sized family business, we also need the courage to take risks and commit ourselves to becoming better. We succeed in doing so because we are moving with the times and are constantly striving to launch market-leading products. In doing so, we also take into account the preservation of the environment. Before a new product or process is implemented, its environmental impacts are examined in detail.