We make any building smart.

Our mission is to make every home smart.

We believe that home automation is not the privilege of a few, but rather the right and social responsibility of us all.
We provide connected, smart and sustainable low carbon footprint home automation products and services which improve home style and comfort.

We are bringing the buildings of tomorrow to live. Smart and energy efficient.

MClimate is an IoT company that designs and develops affordable and universally compatible smart home and smart building automation solutions (both hardware and software) with a focus on delivering enhanced comfort, security and energy savings to its end users while optimising stakeholders’ carbon footprint.

Our hardware sensors and actuators are designed to retrofit any old building making it smart by allowing end users and facility managers to monitor and control temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2 and water leakages remotely using an end user app or a simple IoT platform. The solution does not require any alterations to the existing heating system and there are no building works making it easily scalable, guaranteeing quick ROI and immediate savings of up to 45% from energy and maintenance costs associated with buildings management.

We strive to support the UN’s SDGs by helping the accelerated development of smart, sustainable communities and cities around the world focused on responsible consumption patterns and improved CO2 emissions. We believe that energy and air quality monitoring and control and responsible consumption through home and buildings automation should not be the privilege of a few, but is rather a necessity and social responsibility of us all.