Nuova Fima

Manufacturer of Flowmeters & Process Control Instrumentation

Nuova Fima have been manufacturing Pressure & Temperature Instruments for more than 50 years.
Most of the components used in the manufacture of it’s Instruments are produced internally in the Nuova Fima Factory. All raw materials are selected with strategic precision, allowing the production & service standards to operate at a very high level of Quality.

Nuova Fima is the first Italian manufacturer industry of pressure gauges, electronic transmitters for pressure, fluid separators, thermometers, thermowells for the control of pressure and temperature in the industrial process. Our range of products guarantees high quality standards, the respect of of the highest standards concerning accuracy and safety and the conformity of several international certifications.

With more than 80 years of experience and 5 branches in the world Nuova Fima has always given its contribution to the export of the “Made in Italy” all over the world participating to the development of the measurement instrumentation.