My Mobeye alarm warns in case of problems. It gives me insight and reliable monitoring.

Know what is going on. Anywhere and anytime.

Mobeye develops innovative solutions to secure devices and possessions in a simple and flexible way. In a few steps, the security is complete and you have remote insight into the situation.

Innovation to help people

Mobeye is a Dutch manufacturer of “GSM” alarm and security products. We specialise in innovative alarm and telemetry technology with a focus on extremely low energy consumption. Since 2008, we have been developing products with a passionate team; we hope to contribute a little to society.

Our products are developed and produced in the Netherlands and meet high quality standards. Mobeye products have received multiple awards. The products are used worldwide in various sectors, including police, the agricultural and medical industry, in building management and industry, by both professional users and consumers. Our own Research & Development team designs and develops customer-specific products on request.

Mobeye products help people secure, monitor and control their property, belongings and devices remotely. It is our mission to provide comfort and safety to our customers.