Producent van niveauschakelaars, niveautransmitters, vlotterschakelaars, compacte drukschakelaars en flowschakelaars.

FineTek group established in 1979 is located at Tucheng in Taiwan, and sets up several oversea subsidiaries to serve global customers around the world. FineTek represent our brand name to supply industrial sensor as well as solutions for Process Automation, Flow Metering, Wireless Communication Technology, and Tank Gauging Systems. Strong RD team is core strength of FineTek to develop up-to-date technology products to match customers need and solve customer problems. 

International Certification

  • All of products have attained international safety certifications and approvals
  • All products follow IEC international design and quality standards
  • All products pass through electrical, mechanical and environmental tests and are suitable to meet the complex needs of the process automation industry
  • ISO9001 certified for practicing quality management systems
  • Globally recognized certifications
    • United States – ASME. UL, ABS (Marine Approval)
    • Europe - VDE (Germany), ATEX (Explosion Proof certification), GL (German Marine Certification), DNV (Denmark Marine Certification), BV (French marine Certification), Lloyds Register (UK marine Certification), CE (European Certification)
    • China - NEPSI (China Explosion Proof), CCC (China)

Industrial applications for Level and pressure measurement

  • Our products and solutions have a broad spectrum of application for different industries:
  • Electrical and electronics industry, semiconductors, power plants
  • Machinery, Process automation control
  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, mining, iron and steel, cement 
  • Environmental protection, water & wastewater treatment
  • Food & Beverages, agriculture and feed stocks
  • Shipbuilding and marine industries
  • Diversified plastics
  • Medication and pharmaceutics

Wij zijn Marktechnical


  • Ruim assortiment instrumenten op voorraad
  • Snelle levertijden 24/7 
  • Field service 
  • Een ervaren en veelzijdig team van professionals
  • Nauwe samenwerking met onze klanten
  • Goed uitgeruste werkplaats en testmogelijkheden
  • Uitgebreide lijst met A-merken leverbaar
  • Persoonlijk advies 
  • ISO9001 gecertificeerd