Temperatuursensoren, temperatuurtransmitters, RTD, thermoelementen, motor temperatuursensoren

Founded in 1990, TERMOTECH specializes in the design and manufacture of electrical temperature transducers such as thermocouples and resistance thermometers. Continual research into innovative production techniques and the use of top quality components make TERMOTECH a reliable partner whose products offer the best ratio between price and quality. TERMOTECH's products are particularly designed for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, automobile and plastic materials industries, as well as all those sectors where precision, repeatability and reliability in measurements are required. TERMOTECH has an efficient production department with highly qualified personnel and modern equipment to maintain the highest quality standards. All TERMOTECH's products are checked during and after the production cycle to ensure that they meet manufacturing specifications. To do this TERMOTECH has an internal laboratory equipped to carry out a series of tests (calibration, checking the insulation resistance, dielectric strength, etc.) using national samples as a reference. TERMOTECH has moreover established an internal quality system certified according ISO9001:2008 standard, that guarantees the perfect correspondence of own productsto to the declared futures and to the customer demands. TERMOTECH is present both on the Italian and foreign markets with a widespread sales network comprising agents and retailers guaranteeing strong technical and commercial support to ensure its customers. Our mission is the complete customer satisfaction who is obtained supplying always the better product and the better service at the better price. To achieve this we put at disposal: competence, flexibility and our experienxce always proposing the right solution at every client need.

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  • Ruim assortiment instrumenten op voorraad
  • Snelle levertijden 24/7 
  • Field service 
  • Een ervaren en veelzijdig team van professionals
  • Nauwe samenwerking met onze klanten
  • Goed uitgeruste werkplaats en testmogelijkheden
  • Uitgebreide lijst met A-merken leverbaar
  • Persoonlijk advies 
  • ISO9001 gecertificeerd