Thermische massa / volume flowsensoren voor gassen

Since 1986 our flow experts ensure high-value products and solutions for your flow measurement and control tasks. Profit from our many years of experience as developers, manufacturers and service partners.

Competence and Innovation
Vögtlin owes its success to innovative products, professional advice, the personal commitment of the team and the close partnership to our clients. The confidence of our customers is showed by more than 100’000 sold instruments.

Schweizer Quality and Safety
All flow measurement devices are manufactured in our factory in Aesch and are calibrated according to international standards. We have been certified to ISO 9001:2008 since 1996 and products and processes are subject to constant quality assurance.

International Presence
The worldwide distribution is covered by a growing network of qualified sales partners. With their technical understanding and broad product and application know-how, they ensure a high-level support.

Maximum Flexibility
Thanks to our flexible production processes and a close relationship with our suppliers and logistics partners, we are always in a position to react flexibly to the wishes of our customers


  • High-precision Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Gases
  • Electronic Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for Gases
  • Electronic Pressure Controller for Gases with integrated Flow Measurement
  • Electronic Pressure Controller for Gases with integrated Flow Measurement
  • Hochmodulare Schwebekörper Durchflussmesser
  • High-precision Control Valve

Absence of Leaks, Air Probe Sampler, Analyzer Calibration, Burner Control, Calibration Equipment Calibration of Instruments, Coating Plant, Control of Gas Atmosphere, Flame Control, Flow Rate Monitoring, Food Production, Furnace Building, Gas Analysers, Gas Dosages, Gasing of Metal Melting, Gas Supply Systems, Laser Welding & Cutting, Leak Measurement of Test Items, Measurement of Gas Consumption, Measurement, Preparation of Gas Mixtures, Preparation of Test Gases, Protocol of Flow Rate for Generators, Regulation of Gas Atmosphere, Semiconductor Production, Surface Treatment, Test Equipment.

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  • Ruim assortiment instrumenten op voorraad
  • Snelle levertijden 24/7 
  • Field service 
  • Een ervaren en veelzijdig team van professionals
  • Nauwe samenwerking met onze klanten
  • Goed uitgeruste werkplaats en testmogelijkheden
  • Uitgebreide lijst met A-merken leverbaar
  • Persoonlijk advies 
  • ISO9001 gecertificeerd